OCSD Receives Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines from the Department of Health

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Okaloosa County School District Receives Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines from the Department of Health

Phần thưởng trò chơi trực tuyếnUpdated guidance from the CDC was reviewed by the Florida Department of Health and provided to the County Health Departments for implementation. The following may be used with respect to those students and staff who are quarantined as a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case.

Effective immediately,

  1. If an asymptomatic close contact gets tested by PCR on Day 6 of quarantine or later and received a negative result, they may end quarantine after completion of Day 7. The School District does not have a role in PCR testing. Parents should contact the Okaloosa Department of Health for information on PCR testing.
  2. Without testing, an asymptomatic close contact may end quarantine after completion of Day 10, which means returning to school on Day 11. As they have done previously, the Department of Health will reach out to close contacts at the end of this period of time to check on well-being and to release from quarantine.
  3. In both scenarios, individuals are to be counseled to adhere strictly to public health mitigation through day 14, including wearing of face masks, social distancing, hand hygiene, avoiding close contact and crowds, and self-monitoring for symptoms.

Phần thưởng trò chơi trực tuyếnAs always, close contacts who develop symptoms at any time should seek medical care and testing and cases should isolate for at least 10 days. Cases already in quarantine may follow the above guidance. Please contact the Department of Health with any health-related question and your child’s school for any questions about academic continuity for the time they are under quarantine.

Phần thưởng trò chơi trực tuyếnAs of the last report received from the Okaloosa County Department of Health, 90% of all positive COVID-19 cases involving students and staff in Okaloosa County Schools since the beginning of the school year resulted from transmission of the virus outside of the school environment. This is an important statistic as it reinforces that school buildings have not been high spreaders of COVID-19 overall.

Statement from Superintendent Marcus Chambers

“The District is implementing revised COVID-19 quarantine guidelines at the direction of the Department of Health, and we will continue to work closely with them to bring eligible students and staff back to school in a safe manner. When students are sent home for quarantine, it is concerning because their academic progress can certainly be disrupted to an extent. In addition, many parents of younger students face the challenge of balancing work with supervising their child. We expect that these approved adjustments to the quarantine timelines will help both of these issues to a degree.”

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